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One-R Consultancy & Services Pte Ltd, incorporated in 2022, strives to provide a one-stop dedicated and professional consultancy services to the food retail and non-retail service sectors in achieving a safe and clean food environment for all.


Establishing great working partnership with our clients towards a safe and hygienic working environment while providing food to the public. We will follow through on behalf of our clients on all aspects of hygiene and cleanliness services which includes license applications, inspections & audits, implementations as well coordination’s with government agencies.


Through relevant experiences and knowledge, we will ensure smooth and efficient communications, directions, and coordination together. Ultimately, assisting our clients in providing the assurance and trust for safe food to the public from a safe and hygienic food environment.

Our Services


Hygiene Service Proposal


Food safety is a joint responsibility involving the suppliers, providers, consumers and the regulators; inensuring high level of food safety for all. Though the number of foodborne illnesses related to outbreaks have been kept low, food operators must always remain vigilant in ensuring proper hygiene practices and cleanliness are closely followedand in their food establishments. Thus, providing assurance that the food serve to public is safe for consumption.

Goals / Objectives

✓  To implement and instil the importance of food safety culture in the food establishment for all food handlers.

✓  To ensure all food handlers adhere to the latest requirements and direction of food safety.

✓  To prevent any hygiene lapses that could lead to foodborne illness

✓  To attend/liaise with agency for to any food hygiene related feedbacks

✓  To liaise with external agencies for hygiene related matters


Hygiene Inspection Services

for retail and non-retail food establishment.

Hygiene Audit Services

for retail and non-retail food establishment.

Liaising with Government Agencies

On behalf of clients for food related concerns in food establishment.

Implementing FSMS

(Food Safety Management System) &HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point).

Conducting internal audits

according to FSMS (Food Safety Management System& HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point).

Safety Assurance for Food Establishment

(S.A.F.E framework) guidance & recommendations.

Obtaining various SFA (Singapore Food Agency) License.

For retail and non retail food establishments.

Designing layouts and plans

For retail and non retail food establishments.

ESR (Environmental Sanitation Regime)/ ECC

Guidance for retail food establishments. (Coffeeshop, Food Courts & canteen).

Services Packages Descriptions

Package 01

Hygiene Inspection Services

✓  Conducts Hygiene Inspections every month. (4x per month) 1x Weekday (day), 1x Weekday (Night), 1x Weekend (Day), 1x Weekend (Night)

✓  Inspections targeted at in-premises, common areas, refreshments areas, toilet, hygiene practices and personal hygiene

✓  Identify hygiene lapses that require Immediate remedial measures

✓  Identify any defective sanitary appliances and overall housekeeping food establishments

✓  Educate food handlers on proper hygiene practices in order to Instil food safety culture in the food establishment

✓  Recommend management for any follow ups, proper hygiene practices, rectifications, of any hygiene lapses detected

✓  Conduct follow up checks on any hygiene lapses observed in ensuring compliances

Package 02

Hygiene Audit Services

✓  Covers during the Hygiene Inspections every month. (4x per month)

✓  Update management on weekly basis on the hygiene inspections and audit conducted.

✓  Monthly audit report findings submission to management

✓  Discussion with Management on the follow up and recommendations for compliance and improvements.

✓  Conduct review and follow-up.

Package 03

Liaising With Government Agencies & Stakeholders

✓  Liaising and communicating with any government agencies (Particularly SFA) on hygiene related matters and feedbacks for food establishments.

✓  Attend to feedbacks to any Hygiene related matters referred by Agencies and Stakeholders

✓  Liaising with stakeholders (Pest Control, WSH (Toilet Checks Company), CISCO, Land Owner, Building Management for any hygiene related matters and upkeeping of food establishments

Package 04

Implementing FSMS (Food Safety Management System) & HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point)

✓  The need for an effective food safety assurance system using a cost-effective means for ensuring food safety

✓  Providing guidance and assistance to Food Operators in implementing FSMS (Caterers) or HACCP Systems (Non - Retail Food Establishments).

✓  Providing guidance to Food Operators to design FSMS or HACCP system in the food premises.

Package 05

Conducting Internal Audit For FSMS & HACCP

✓  Auditing operational FSMS and HACCP systems in ensuring food safety during production, preparation, processing, manufacturing, packaging, storage, transportation, distribution, food services retailing.

✓  Conduct and monitor monthly audit report findings submission to management

✓  Conduct review and follow ups with Food Operators and provide recommendations for compliance

Package 06

Safety Assurance For Food Establishment (S.A.F.E Framework)

✓  Guide and assist Food operators on the implementations of SAFE framework.

✓  Guidance to Food Operators on the implementation of SAFE Framework in the food establishments.

Package 07

Obtaining Various SFA (Singapore Food Agency) Licenses

✓  Assist Food Operators to apply retail and non-retail food establishments licenses.

✓  Assist in the submission of relevant documents needed for SFA license applications

✓  Monitor submission and liaise with SFA for any requirements of license submission till approval of licenses.

Package 08

Designing Layouts And Plans For Retail And Non-retail Food Establishments

✓  Provide service for designing layout plans for retail and non-retail food establishments for license applications, FSMS and HACCP systems requirements.

✓  The layout plans will be drawn to scale develop by professional and qualified designer.

Package 09

ESR (Environmental Sanitation Regime) /ECC

✓  Provide guidance and assistance to Food Operators in the implementation off ESR/ECC for NEA.

✓  Monitor the updates of ESR/ECC plan in the food establishments